Editor’s note: in the haste of typing this article on Monday evening, I made an error in describing the service of the firefighter in question – who still wishes to remain anonymous – and labeled their time incorrectly. The firefighter in question is a veteran with several years of time serving with Rockmart Fire and Rescue, and I apologize for the error. – KtE

Rockmart Police are investigating and hoping the public will be able to help with identifying a suspect or suspects involved in damaging a home that was being remodeled by a veteran firefighter.

Rockmart Police posted on their Facebook this morning about the incident on North Marble Street, and officials have further provided more information they can thus far share during the open investigation.

Officials noted the report on Facebook this morning because of the large number of Public Safety personnel who came out to the North Marble Street home under renovation to offer their support to a fellow firefighter whose house was damaged.

Investigators are currently looking further into the incident and have gathered evidence, and Detectives are asking for the public’s help to identify a culprit in the incident.

Extensive damage to windows, doors, drywall, and surfaces around the house – all new items as the house is under refurbishment – were destroyed by a suspect or suspects during the incident that happened sometime over the weekend.

Materials and items that were valued in the thousands of dollars damaged or destroyed by the suspected vandal.

Anyone with information about the incident are encouraged to reach out to the Rockmart Police Criminal Investigation Division at 770-684-2703.

Rockmart Fire and Rescue Chief Todd Queen additionally encourages anyone with information to reach out and find those responsible for the incident. They additionally are thankful for those who have reached out to offer assistance.

“One of our brother officers – who has asked for privacy at this time – was the victim of a senseless act of vandalism that set his family back in their chance to move to Rockmart,” Queen said in a statement. “We hope the community will come forward and help find those responsible for what happened, and we thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes at this time.”

Here’s the text of the original post from the Rockmart Police Department from Monday morning, July 24:

Good morning Rockmart. In order to deter any rumors festering into fact about public safety presence in the vicinity of North Marble Street on the morning of Monday July 24, 2023 we would like to offer this public service announcement.
One of your very own public servants was the victim of a needless crime on North Marble Street; as a newly purchased home that had undergone extensive renovation was needlessly and maliciously destroyed. This small family that was putting on the finishing touches to move into the community they served have, as a result of cowardly evil, been set back to starting all over.
Persons entered this home, not focused on theft for personal gain, but for the mere need to destroy and desecrate.
Evidence has been collected and an active criminal investigation in ongoing. If anyone has any information regarding this wanton destruction of a families home please contact the Criminal Investigations Division of your ROCKMART POLICE DEPARTMENT at 770-684-2703.
As for the heavy presence of every public safety discipline (i.e. ambulance, fire and police); this is merely an extended family supporting one of their own.

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