As qualifying is less than a week away for municipal elections in Aragon, one incumbent has decided to step aside and let someone else seek the office.

Mayor Debbie Pittman told Polk Today that she does not plan to qualify for a new term in the seat leading the City of Aragon, but will remain in office through the end of her elected time in December.

Pittman, who has a day job and also cares for her grandchildren, decided in recent days that she is needed more at home and that she can no longer dedicate the time needed toward both her family and the city.

However, she made it clear that she isn’t leaving without finishing out her time.

“I’m not leaving until my term is up,” she said. “I want to leave the city in a better position than when I found it. I want to finish the work that needs to be done.”

The Mayor’s seat along with three council seats are up for qualifying starting on Monday for the November municipal elections.

Those interested in running for Mayor must pay a fee of $144, fill out the paperwork and meet the qualifications for office. Contact the Board of Elections at 770-749-2103 for more information about residency and other requirements for running for the seat, or the three council seats which includes the special election for the seat left open by Daniel Johnson’s resignation.

Qualifying will close on August 25.

Pittman’s term ends at the close of the year on December 31.

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