Less than 24 hours after Debbie Pittman said she wasn’t seeking a new term as Mayor of Aragon but planned to finish out her time leading the city, her mind changed and her time in the seat is over.

Mayor Pittman is now former Mayor after she made her decision to step down ahead of the tonight’s (August 17) City Council meeting official with a letter this afternoon.

She initially wrote letters to officially seek to be taken off the city’s bank accounts and spending card to City Clerk Kim Allen, but didn’t write a formal resignation letter and submit it to city hall until this afternoon.

That reads as follows:

“Effective immediately I am resigning as the Mayor of Aragon Georgia. I have always loved the community of Aragon and the People of Aragon. During my term I have ensured Aragon had profit, redone playgrounds, gazebos, a new police department and much more. There are many behind the scene events that happen that citizens do no know that affects the city. I can no longer continue to serve an unsupportive community for doings that I have no control of that has occurred for many years before my terms. I can assure you that every decision I have made during my time as mayor has been out of love and care for the city. I am not admitting to any wrongdoing or guilt from decisions made. I hope and pray Aragon can resolve the ongoing issues and prosper.

Debora Pittman 8/17/23

Here’s a copy of that letter:

Polk Today reached out to former Mayor Pittman for further comment, but hadn’t yet received a call back.

Per the city charter, Mayor Pro Tem Judd Fee now takes over as the chief executive for the city.

The City Council will still meet this evening for their work session at 6 p.m. and a regular session at 7 p.m.

It places the city council in a difficult position until the election, requiring all members to be present and vote in order to have a quorum and pass any local measures put before the now three-man body. That’s Acting Mayor Fee, along with council members Dickie Gazaway and Donnie Canada.

If either of the three fall ill or are unable to attend sessions for any reason, no votes can be accomplished until the quorum is met.

It isn’t a first for Aragon, who have found themselves down to two council members at one time and under emergency circumstances voting as a pair to conduct business. This was during turbulent times when the council was down to former Council Member Tammy Mulkey and Duel Mitchell in 2016.

An election this year for municipal seats included the Mayor’s race, two council seats under their normal terms, and a special election for the remainder of time left on a council seat.

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