Aragon City Council still needs one more candidate for City Council

The Board of Elections has gotten candidates to qualify in all but one race across the Municipal seats open on the 2023 ballot, and thus far only one contested position across the three cities with votes this November.

The Aragon City Council still needs one more candidate to qualify in order to not require ballots to be cast this year, and that seat is for the one being left open by Judd Fee seeking to move up to Mayor full time.

Donnie Canada has elected to retain his seat for the full four year term as well.

Elections Director Noah Beck noted that if the seat doesn’t get a qualifier by Friday at the close of business, the city and the Board of Elections will be required to re-open qualifying for the seat heading into early September.

Avoiding this would be best, and thus the city and the Board of Elections are hopeful someone will step up to fill a seat before Friday at 5 p.m.

Those who want to qualify for the seat must fill out paperwork, pay a fee of $72 and meet residency requirements.

One candidate filled out the special election being held to fill the remainder of the time left by Daniel Johnson when he stepped down from the City Council in October 2022.

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