The above map was provided by the National Weather Service.

After Monday storms brought rising waters and thunder and lightning, today promises more potential for severe weather as the National Weather Service keeps a flash flood watch in place until the early morning hours of Wednesday.

The forecasters in Peachtree City are expecting an additional round of storms starting after 11 a.m., though some could roll in this morning after chances of rainfall were expected overnight.

Storms today are promising at least a half inch of rain possible, and wind gusts up to 20 mph. Nighttime showers are expected to stick around with potential for thunderstorms, with at least an inch of rain expected and potentially two inches.

Rain should be moving out by Wednesday afternoon , but temperatures are going to drop after they move out of the area. Temperatures will dip down into the 40s overnight through the end of the week, but will warm back up by the end of the weekend and into the start of the coming week.

Check back for more information about weather updates as they become available.

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