The Polk County Board of Education received honors – small tokens of appreciation – from the district and all also got a round of applause for the work they do for the community.

Board Chair J.P. Foster, Vice Chair Vicki Mayes, Members Chris Culver, Bernard Morgan, Kristi Gober and Tommy Sanders were on hand for the evening’s celebration of the board. Board member Britt Madden Jr. was absent due to illness, but the certificate and koozie the entire board received will be waiting for him upon his return in April.

The board especially celebrated Tommy Sanders’ 29 years of service on the Polk County Board of Education. He’s been re-elected to seven terms in office since he started at the age of 41.

Along with the celebration, board members also chose who will be going to Savannah in June for the annual state board conference. Unanimous approval was given to send the chair and vice chair this year to the conference.

One last item of note was the approval of five-year E-rate Category 1 and 2 costs, with much of the bill being picked up by the state. This covers the cost of internet and the equipment required to run a large, multi-campus network across the district.

Parker FiberNet will provide the internet access for $1.399 million over the next five years, with the district only having to cover $286,526.02 of that cost. 1Accord is ensuring the district has the hardware they need for internet service, and that totals $1.28 million over five years, and a cost to PSD of $374,760.29.

Board members approved those two costs over the next five years unanimously.

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