Replacement on the way amid overall improvements at Canal Street Convenience Center

Those used to dropping off their trash at the Canal Street Convenience Center in Cedartown will have noticed in the past weeks that changes have been afoot at the facility, from the layout to new gravel being laid down to help drivers keep a good grip as they pull in to drop off trash and leave.

However the most recent change was unexpected, and will require a replacement for workers at the facility.

A small shed near the entrance that has provided shelter from the elements for Canal Street Convenience Center workers burned to the ground sometime in the early morning hours of May 6, according to Assistant County Manager Connor Hooper.

Hooper said that no definite cause has been determined for the fire, but it was reported by a passer-by sometime between 3 a.m. to 4 p.m. last Thursday and prompted a response from the Cedartown Fire Department.

Along with the shed, the blaze melted a Port-A-Potty that stood next to the worker’s home at the facility.

Hooper said a replacement is expected to arrive in the coming weeks, but they have been told a new shed for workers hasn’t become available yet.

He added that it might be necessary for Public Works to construct a new building instead.

Even with the recent setback, the upgrades at the Canal Street Convenience Center have been part of an overall effort to improve facilities. Last year, the county moved Aragon’s convenience center to a new site that allowed for better access and a fresh layout to accommodate citizens bringing their trash for disposal.

Those with information about the fire are encouraged to call police and provide what they know.

Check back for updates on this story once a replacement building is provided.

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