A new attorney recently joined the ranks of the legal profession in Polk County, continuing a tradition of serving local residents in court in a family now in its third generation in practice.

Winston Gammon took the oath all new members of the bar are required to swear to serve as an attorney in the State of Georgia back in late October in front of Judge Andrew Roper of the Tallapoosa Circuit Superior Court. He was joined by his immediate and extended family and friend’s plus members of his family’s practice including partners Brad McFall and Brian Villarreal during the ceremony back on October 24.

He joins his family’s practice that has been serving Polk County residents and those with a need for legal services around Georgia for the past several decades. Gammon also joins his brother Wayne W. Gammon III and his father, W. Wright Gammon Jr. in the firm at Gammon, McFall and & Villarreal.

Gammon’s father Wright Gammon introduced him at the swearing in ceremony to the bar for acceptance.

“It is an absolute honor to have the opportunity to help the people of this community. I am blessed, not only with this opportunity, but to be able to learn from the amazing attorneys at Gammon, McFall & Villarreal. My hope is that not only will I be able to live up to great men who came before me at this firm, but that I will be able to help those in need along the way.”

A graduate of the Mercer Law School, he additionally served as a public defender’s office in the Macon Circuit prior to finishing his degree. In the circuit he represented hundreds of indigent criminal defendants in all aspects of the criminal justice process.

Gammon received an undergraduate degree from Mercer as well, with majors in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Like the firm, he’s not specifically tailoring his career on one specific area of the law but will be able to provide new clients services in criminal and civil cases.

Gammon, McFall and Villarreal, Attorneys at Law was founded in downtown Cedartown in 1970 by Winston’s grandfather Wanye W. Gammon Sr. and Joe Anderson.

Reach Winston or other attorneys at Gammon, McFall and Villarreal for their services by calling 770-574-4925 now to schedule an appointment and receive a free case review.

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