Voters will be having to go back to the polls one more time to decide the fate of the two contested County Commission seats moving forward.

Commissioners Jordan Hubbard and Ray Carter are both heading into a run-off based on the unofficial tallies released as vote tallies were completed just before 8 p.m. at the Polk County Board of Elections for all but a handful of absentee ballots that will not impact the outcome of local races.

Hubbard’s District 1 race where he sought to keep his appointment and gain a new term is still contested, with challenger Michael Gravett slightly edging Hubbard in a 40-39 percent race, but no candidate gained a majority of 50% +1 vote to avoid that outcome.

District 1 County Commission

Deborah Connelly

328 – 9.33%

Michael Gravett

1,431 – 40.71%

Jordan Hubbard

1,395 – 39.69%

James Vines

361 – 10.27%

Gravett held a 1,435 to 1,395 lead over Hubbard, with the rest of the vote split between James Vines (361 votes) and Deborah Connelly (328 votes.)

Carter faces a runoff with John Paschal, who challenges the District 3 Commissioner’s seat. He held a 41.49% to 36.17% lead over Carter (1,428 to 1,245 vote difference) while Butch Garrett took 22.34% of the vote, or 769 of the total votes in the race.

District 3

Ray Carter

1,245 – 36.17%

Butch Garrett

769 – 22.34%

John Paschal

1,428 – 41.49%

The four races settled without any issue were Coroner, Surveyor, and the two School Board races.

The Surveyor’s race was close for a position that has gone without anyone seeking the office for at least a decade in Polk county. Robert Cannon took at 1,637 to 1,568 victory in the race, a 51.08% to 48.92% split between the pair.


Robert Larry Cannon

1,637 – 51.08%

Nick Rainey

1,568 – 48.92%

In the Coroner’s Race, incumbent Norman Smith will continue in the post after he won 2,768 votes to challenger Nathan Womack’s 751 (a 79-21% split.)


Norman Smith

2,768 – 78.66%

Nathan Womack

751 0 21.34%

The school board races saw Jeff Hawkins win by a 54.41% to 45.59% win over Greg Teems in the District 5 seat. The margin was 364-305.

BOE District 5

Jeff Hawkins

364 – 54.41%

Greg Teems

305 – 45.59%

Paul “Drew” Williams Jr. will be the next District 6 board member after he took a 371-138 vote total over Christina Robinson in the race. (72.89% to 27.11%.)

BOE District 6

Christina Robinson

138 – 27.11%

Paul “Drew” Williams Jr.

371 – 72.89%

Though results are unofficial until they are fully certified by the Board of Elections, and then the Secretary of State’s office, the runoff races won’t begin until after the process is completed.

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