A group from the Rockmart First United Methodist Church came with a great program to the Rotary Club of Polk County on Tuesday in an effort to educate and seek some help with a goal they have to help their students.

The six young ladies (this year’s Pre-K class is mainly girls) who visited the club during their latest luncheon provided Rotarians with entertainment showing off many of the lessons they’ve learned so far this year. Everything from “surgery” in learning about the body, to making squares for a paper quilt, and in the above video learning sign language alongside the words to “Jesus Loves Me.”

The kids and their teachers were there for another reason as well: hoping to get help with the final round of fundraising the church needs to finish off putting in a playground for the Pre-K kids who run around in the back yard daily.

First Methodist Church Pre-School Director Kristy Hunt was leading the group visiting on Tuesday, and explained the church’s need for around $10,000 more to hit the $55,000 needed to put in the playground.

Not only will it provide the youth a much-needed new structure to climb and slide down, but also a safer surface to land and tumble.

“The structures are commercial-grade, and they are very expensive,” Hunt said. “But it’ll probably be there long after we’re all gone.”

The hope is to raise the final amount of money before they start putting up the new equipment by the start of the 2023-24 school year late this summer. The playground equipment will be coming from the same company that will be providing equipment for the new playground at the Nathan Dean Sports Complex, but on a smaller scale.

Volunteers will be needed to help with installation, and additional donations are always welcome per Hunt. Those interested can contact the church for more information, or make donations and earmark them specifically for the new playground.

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