User Kim Ledford shared this photo of Tuesday's fire on the Polk Today Facebook page.

It has been many things over the decades: a clothing factory, a distribution center, and a flea market.

Now it is burned out shell that will remain in the memory of those who worked their in times past after a Tuesday blaze destroyed the former manufacturing facility and damaged roadway and wires as well.

During the fire on February 27, readers shared some of their memories from the days when the plant was operational. Here’s a few that were posted on the Polk Today Facebook page:

Marilyn Hulsey Beck said in response to another reader: my daddy worked for Jockey, the whole time I was growing up, underwear, socks, T-shirts, it was a manufacturing company

Faye Britt noted: I remember the Ware House and Jockey.. We had family members working there too! I hate that it’s burning…I’m just praying no one gets injured (fortunately Faye, no one was injured in Tuesday’s fire.)

Martha Lynne Roberts Palmer added: My Husband Dennis Palmer worked there until it closed in 1988, along with many other Cedartown people. It was a warehouse and distribution center for Jockey underwear and sportswear. An International Company that is still selling product today. We watched Good Year Mill burn from the office of Jockey, Now it’s burning. The part of the building burning today was called ‘the branch’ back when Jockey owned the building.

Also, Paul Wade added: I was in that building many times with my dad when it was jockey

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