Parliamentary debate team competes in worldwide event

An annual tradition at Cedartown High School continues as a trio of Bulldog students spoke for Polk in the 2024 Parliamentary Debate World Congress.

Kimber Braren, Kaylee Matsko, and Paris Martinez represented Cedartown High this year for the annual debate competition featuring students from around the world.

They are the latest team to take part in the annual event, and had stiff competition.

Asano Senior High School in Japan took the championship this year, and schools from Japan, Mongolia, Uganda, Romania, Jamaica, the Philippines and Thailand took home honors and awards for their presentations made in January during the event.

This year’s Parliamentary Debate World Congress was the 9th event held since its inception. 26 teams in total registered and participated in this year’s event.

Here’s the original post from the Polk School District sharing the team’s experience this year:

Kimber Braren, Kaylee Matsko, and Paris Martinez

Join us in congratulating Cedartown High School International Debate Team competitors, Kimber Braren, Kaylee Matsko, and Paris Martinez!

In a remarkable display of dedication, skill, and international camaraderie, the Cedartown High School International Debate Team recently participated in the Parliamentary Debate World Congress. Despite facing grueling training schedules and navigating challenging time differences, the team showcased their prowess, finishing with a commendable two wins and one loss.

The journey to the Parliamentary Debate World Congress was not just about mastering the art of argumentation; it was a testament to the resilience and commitment of these young debaters. The team’s training schedule was rigorous, demanding countless hours of research, preparation, and practice debates. Balancing academic responsibilities with their passion for debate, these students demonstrated an unwavering determination to excel on the global stage.

The shared experience of navigating time zone challenges and debating against teams from diverse cultural backgrounds created bonds that transcended geographical boundaries. These students not only represented their school but also became ambassadors for unity and understanding on the global stage. In addition to their competitive achievements, the Cedartown High School International Debate Team exemplified the values of sportsmanship and respect.

These students’ conduct during debates and interactions with fellow participants reflected positively on their character and commitment to representing their school, Polk County, and the United States with honor and integrity.

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