As COVID-19 restrictions continue to lessen, one of the offices that has been providing service to the public via a walk-up window at Polk County Courthouse No. 2 is now ready to open back up for regular business.

Clerk of the Superior Court Stacie Baines said in a letter on Thursday that opening steps are being taken to get her office back to functioning normally, and March 22 will mark the first time that the public will be allowed back inside since last year.

Both the public and court officials will now be able to access information within the courthouse instead of using a walk-up window that has been in use for many months since courts were shuttered across the state and country in March 2020.

She is asking that those who are coming into access the counter space within the courthouse please continue to be mindful of the need for social distancing, and that masks will still be required to enter. It must cover both mouth and nose.

All those who are completing Title Search and Abstractors will also be required to wear a mask at all times while they are using office services. She also asks that everyone be mindful of other’s space.

She thanked the public for their patience during the past months utilizing the walk-up window. As it closes, she recognized how well it worked during the court shutdowns.

“This window has truly been a lifesaver,” Baines said.

She added that those who work as title searchers are glad to be back in the office space as well without having to make an appointment.

Those seeking information from the Superior Court Clerk’s Office can contact 770-749-2114.

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