Voters are being asked to come back to the polls one more time this year, and this is the last chance for anyone registered and living in the City of Rockmart to participate in the 2023 election.

Today’s run-off for the Mayor’s Race in Rockmart will conclude when polls close at 7 p.m. The lone polling place in Rockmart at the Nathan Dean Community Center at 604 Goodyear Ave., Rockmart, opened without any issues this morning according to Polk County Elections Director Noah Beck.

Today’s votes will be added to the 223 ballots cast early and tallied up with 9 absentee paper ballots to determine the race. Numbers will be available later this evening after the polls close.

Voters are being asked to come back to decide whether incumbent Mayor Sherman Ross will get a second term in office, or if former Rockmart Council Member James Payne will get a term in office. The pair in November ended election day with the two highest number of ballots, but neither reached 50% + 1 vote to declare a winner.

Rockmart’s Cooley Austin, also a former council member, was also in the race and came in third.

Check back this evening for a report on vote tallies from the Board of Elections.

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