The Board of Elections confirmed this evening with their unofficial tallies that Mayor Sherman Ross will retain his seat for a second term.

Figures provided by Elections officials after the ballots were formally counted at the Board of Elections office in Cedartown did confirm the result previously announced that Ross won the run-off with James Payne in a 251 to 191, for a total vote count of 442 ballots cast in total.

That was less than the November 7 turnout of 532 voters, almost 100 less returning to the polls for the run-off.

Ross is looking forward to starting a new term in January 2024.

“I want to thank all of my supporters for giving me the opportunity to serve the citizens of Rockmart for a second term,” Ross said. “I plan to continue to work with my fellow Council members, city staff and the community at large to ensure that Rockmart continues to enjoy growth and opportunities over the next four years and beyond.”

Previously posted:

Sherman Ross will continue to serve as Mayor for a new term starting in 2024.

Based on early voting totals released by the Board of Elections after precincts closed, Ross will win 251 to 191 over challenger James Payne as the 2023 Election season comes to a close.

The early voting tallies put Ross ahead 131-101 with in-person and absentee returns, and today’s in-person voting saw Ross lead 120 to 90 over Payne.

Official tallies have not yet been completed. The above figures include tallies posted by the precinct after it closed at 7 p.m.

The Board of Elections will be processing those figures as soon as precinct officials arrive.

Final tallies will be released after they are processed.

Check back for additional information as it becomes available.

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