Rockmart High School’s Athletics is usually getting ready to put on a steak dinner to help raise money for their program, but this year it’s going to come with a bit of a twist and a change of venue.

The May 1, 2021 Steak Dinner Raffle is going food truck style for the year with COVID-19 still an issue, but there will still be options for dinner, dessert, drinks and a whole lot of fun on tables in a unique location.

Jackets fans will want to pay the $100 per ticket cost for two dinners on the Rockmart High School football field, and only 400 tickets will be available for the upcoming event.

The menu will vary according to each food truck on the night of the event. A cash prize is available for the winner of the raffle.

Additionally, there will be bingo, corn hole and other fun games to play during the event.

Find a Rockmart High School coach to make a purchase.

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