April Marie Lackey (April 2021 booking photo)

A woman who refused to leave her estranged husband’s residence was jailed on a pair of charges in the early morning hours of June 1, according to Polk County Police reports.

April Marie Lackey, 38, of 231 Wieuka Way, Cedartown, was taken into custody and later released from jail on June 1 after police were called out to her estranged husband’s house around 6:45 a.m.

According to reports, Lackey was alleged to have shown up at the house on Buchanan Highway around 11 p.m. on May 31, and despite being asked multiple times to leave she remained throughout the night. When she first arrived, she banged on doors and windows wanting to be let inside.

When family members thought she left, her estranged husband went outside for a cigarette and found her still on the property, and told her to leave again.

Police reported that family members didn’t want to see her go back to jail and waited to call 911 as long as they could.

Somehow, Lackey ended up inside the house sometime after 6 a.m. and was found in the hallway, and finally police were called out to remove her from the residence.

When police arrived, Lackey was told by officers that a standing criminal trespass order had been in place since May, but officer stated that she reported it “had been dropped.” Despite that, officers proceeded to take her into custody.

Lackey was reported to have struggled with officers and had to be forced to the ground before she was pulled back up and taken to a patrol vehicle.

Police charged her with misdemeanors for criminal trespass and obstruction of law enforcement officers.

Though no bond was set, Lackey was released from the Polk County Jail after only spending a short amount of time in custody on the misdemeanor charges.

Lackey was reported as part of an arrest back in April involving a chase after she happened upon the scene and was found to have warrants for her arrest.

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