Amber Lynn Hopson

A Rockmart woman remained in jail on a felony and misdemeanor charge after officers reported she tried to run and struggled with officers during an arrest over a weekend domestic incident, according to a Polk County Police report.

Amber Lynn Hopson, 34, of a 2565 Cartersville Highway, Rockmart address, remained in jail with no bond set after she was taken into custody on Tuesday around 4:15 p.m. when she was accused of punching a victim during a Saturday afternoon, April 3 incident.

Police made contact with the victim at the hospital on Tuesday who was getting checked out to ensure the punch wasn’t a more severe injury, and while there she called the victim to confront them about what happened and “continued to cuss profanities” while on the phone.

Officers not long after confronted Hopson at her Cartersville Highway residence and tried to explain to officers that the Saturday incident had been a dramatic domestic incident that included a threat to kill herself.

When police told her that she was going to be charged with simple battery under the domestic violence act – a misdemeanor – she “turned and ran on foot away from officers.”

Police were able to take her into custody quickly, but continued to resist being placed in cuffs before finally being placed in a patrol vehicle and transported to the Polk County Jail.

The officer who transported her stated in the report that “The entire ride, Amber continued to try and work a deal where she could go free for giving up information on major drug dealers in the county.”

She remained in the Polk County Jail for the simple battery charge, and a felony charge for obstructing law enforcement officers.

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