Brenda Gail Jones

Polk County and Rockmart Police cooperated in an arrest late Tuesday evening of a Cartersville woman claiming she was parked in front of a Clearwater Street residence to visit her niece, but was found with drug paraphernalia in a vehicle parked in the wrong direction.

Reports from the Polk County Police stated that Brenda Gail Jones, 54, of 3 Penny Lane, Cartersville, was taken into custody and later released on a $6,000 bond on charges of illegal possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug-related objects after police came upon an illegally parked car on Clearwater Street around 8 p.m. on June 8.

Jones was in a car with another woman parked out with the lights off and police approached the vehicle to question the pair about why they were sitting in front of a suspected drug dealer’s house.

According to the report, Jones said they had come to the house to meet her niece in the house next door, but when questioned the niece was surprised to hear that “Jones was coming to see her and did not know what she was doing parked in front of” the house next door.

Police got permission from the driver to search the vehicle, and officers got the pair out of the vehicle.

While Jones was getting out of the sedan, police reported that “she was holding a cell phone along with something wrapped in toilet paper and a black bag.” Police spotted the glass stem of a pipe in the toilet paper when she was walking toward the patrol car, and when asked she unwrapped the item and admitted she forgot she had the glass pipe in her possession.

Police noted that it had “white residue” consistent with methamphetamine, and Jones was cuffed and a female Rockmart Police Officer was called upon to assist with a personal search of both women. No narcotics were found during the vehicle search, and neither woman was found with narcotics on their person.

The driver told police she was unaware that Jones was carrying the pipe at the time police were searching the vehicle and both women. The driver was allowed to leave without further incident.

While in custody, police questioned Jones and she again stated that she was there to see her niece, and when they asked why the pipe was in her lap she told officers “she had it out and ready in case someone were to ‘hook her up’.” Jones didn’t tell police who she was apparently going to score more drugs from while on Clearwater Street.

After taking Jones to jail, officers returned to the house on Clearwater Street where Jones and the driver were parked. They attempted to talk to a man who answered the door, but he declined to answer any questions and did not give permission to search his residence.

Jones was released today on the bond for the felony and misdemeanor charge.

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