Anita Alford

A Cedartown woman remains in jail after an altercation that injured another, according to police reports.

Cedartown Police took Anita G. Alford, 49, of 109 N. Martielle St., Cedartown, into custody on Wednesday evening, March 10, around 9:30 p.m. after she first told police that she had nothing to do with the injuries sustained by another woman.

Reports stated that officers were called out to Central Street in Cedartown after 911 sent out a request for help for someone bleeding. When officers got close to the area, one was flagged down by Alford who explained that she and another woman got into a fight, but that she “did not do anything” to the other party.

When police arrived to the location they’d been called to originally, they found the victim with her right hand wrapped in a t-shirt. She had sustained a two-inch cut into her right palm.

The victim told police that Alford slashed her hand with a box cutter during a fight between the two.

Alford again denied the allegation, and police did not find a box cutter on Alford when they searched her. She was still taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.

Bond was denied for the lone felony charge and she remained in jail as of this morning.

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