The mother of a woman who was already jailed following a traffic stop and found with drugs had her home searched, and her mother was taken into custody for methamphetamine possession as well, per a Polk County Police report.

Gina Rae Gonzales, 47, of 1629 Prospect Road, Aragon, was taken into custody as police began a search on June 5 at 4:30 p.m. for additional narcotics in the home after her daughter, Gina Nichole Gonzales, was previously arrested during a traffic stop on May 22 and found with drugs in her possession.

Officers from the Polk County Police and deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office conducted the search in the aftermath of the traffic stop after evidence from Gina Nichole Gonzales’ phone that was seized. Police reports indicated that additional narcotics were being stored at the house, and found in her room what is suspected to be “liquid methamphetamine, or ‘liquid ecstasy also know as Gamma-hydroxybutyrate” which is a sedative commonly used to treat narcolepsy.”

Police also reported finding two thumb drives, and a foil bag of blunt wraps that had a half tablet of suspected ecstasy within. Officers bagged that evidence and sent it off to the GBI Crime Lab for further testing.

While conducting the search, police found suspected methamphetamine and a glass pipe in Gina Rae Gonzales’ purse. She was taken to the Polk County Jail without further incident as well, where she was charged for possession of methamphetamine and possession and use of drug related objects. Her bond was set at $6,000, but she remained in jail as of this posting.

Her daughter Gina Nichole Gonzales remained in jail with bond denied facing additional charges following the search of possession of methamphetamine and Possession of a Schedule I controlled substance. She from the previous incident was charged with felony and misdemeanor charges for possession of marijuana, along with firearm charges, possession of Schedule II and Schedule III controlled substances, use of a communication facility in committing or facilitating a felony act, and making an improper left or right turn.

Three juveniles found during the incident were turned over to a relative. Another woman at the residence was not charged during the search.

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