Jalen Michael Palmer

A Rockmart man who was spotted walking down the wrong side of the roadway and stopped by Polk County Police was found to have just over a quarter of a pound of marijuana in a backpack he was carrying, along with a handgun during his arrest.

Jalen Michael Palmer, 23, of 203 Dever Street, Rockmart, was jailed on multiple felony charges by Polk County Police on Monday, May 10 around 8:15 p.m. per a Polk County Police report.

Reports stated that Palmer was spotted at West Church and Gordon Streets in Rockmart by a Polk County officer walking down the opposite side of the roadway with a backpack, and when the officer turned around stepped out of the roadway.

The officer reported approaching Palmer and immediately smelling marijuana, and with his partner in tow began to investigate further.

Palmer then pulled out his phone and began filming his interaction with police, and was asked if he had any marijuana on him. Palmer admitted to having some in his bag and had recently smoked as well.

“I asked him how much he had and he refused to tell me but stated that he knew he was going to jail,” the report stated.

When he took off the bag and police looked inside, they found a “large bag of marijuana” and placed Palmer under arrest. A further search of his person turned up a Taurus 9mm handgun as well on his hip.

Police ultimately located two bags of marijuana in the backpack, a set of digital scales and “multiple empty bags that are commonly used to distribute marijuana.”

The total amount of the two bags together weighed in at 119.19 grams, or just slightly over a quarter of a pound.

Later, staff reported finding an additional bag of marijuana during their search before he was booked into the Polk County Jail.

Palmer remained in custody without a bond on multiple felony charges including two felony counts of purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of marijuana, possession of drugs, alcohol, weapons or unauthorized items by an inmate, possession of firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies and possession of tools for commission of a crime.

He additionally faces a misdemeanor charge for pedestrian must walk on sidewalk/shoulder.

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