Christopher Justin Harcourt

A man admitted that he got angry enough to damage a vehicle and break a headlight on a car following an argument ahead of the start of Memorial Day weekend, according to Polk County Police.

Christopher Justin Harcourt, 20, of a Cedartown address, was charged with felony criminal damage to property and misdemeanor cruelty to children in the third degree and was released on a $2,000 bond following two days in the Polk County Jail.

Per Polk County Police reports, Harcourt was in a heated argument with the victim over a lawncare bill.

During the argument that occurred on May 28, Harcourt is reported to have gone outside and began to kick the bumper and headlight of the victim’s vehicle. All this was done in front of a two year old child.

Police spoke with Harcourt and he admitted he kicked the car multiple times and was responsible for the damage.

Officers took him into custody without further incident.

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