Hey readers!

Hope you are enjoying this start of the week and staying safe and warm as the threat of winter weather heads this way.

Polk Today is excited to announce that we are expanding to a new social media platform: Mastodon! If you haven’t heard of this alternative to the likes of Facebook or X, Mastodon is based on an open platform and allows for a variety of options that other platforms don’t provide to users and content creators.

This is the first weekend of posting on Mastodon, but keep track as more items are added to it in the coming days.

As the year goes on, Polk Today will be expanding into additional platforms that you may prefer in an attempt to reach an even greater audience in this neck of the woods and to the wider world around the county.

Readers may also notice in the coming days that sponsors of local content will be showing up in some of the posts available in the Polk Today feed. This is just one of many ways local businesses and organizations will have opportunity in the coming days ahead to reach out to those who are consuming Polk Today content. Reach out for more info on how that will work to polktoday@gmail.com.

Check back for updates on Polktoday.com as additional social media platforms become available.

Use the email above for those who want to suggest sites they’d like to find Polk Today content on as options expand.

An additional update will be following on background work underway for a site design overhaul coming and what ways readers will be able to provide feedback on that process starting (possibly) next week. Experiments are still being worked out at the moment to improve the overall site experience.

Stay warm and safe this week!


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