Polk County’s Police Explorers 2094 honored one of their members in a banquet last week as this year’s Explorer of the Year for 2023.

Just promoted Explorer Sgt. Pilar Benitez was honored during the Explorer’s annual banquet on the evening of Tuesday, July 25.

Cedartown Police Cpl. Naomi Quiroz said the group celebrated their annual anniversary, awards and promotions during the banquet where Benitez and others were honored, much in the same way the Cedartown Exchange Club honors officers from local departments as well.

Additional awards went out to Georgina Juarez for Most Improved Explorer, Best Teammate was awarded to Lily Atkins, this year’s Quickest Handcuffer was Carina Perez and the Bowman award went to Harley Chandler.

One additional award was given out to two Explorers who showed they are willing to sacrifice for friendship. Quiroz said the Selflessness Award was shared by Brennan Williams and Michael House, who went to the Lost Raven Boutique to pool their money for hats.

Quiroz said she got a call from the owner asking about the pair, and heard a story of sacrifice for friendship: both went to buy hats, but could only afford one. They paid for the hat and agreed to share it.

She added that the Lost Raven Boutique donated a second hat so Williams and House would no longer have to share just one.

Here’s a full slideshow from the Banquet of awards and promotions, courtesy of the Explorers 2094:

The organization is always welcoming in new recruits, which teaches local youth a variety of skills and information about public safety if they are interested in pursuing a career in public safety.

Participants must be 14 or have completed the 8th grade. Signup information is available from Quiroz at the Cedartown Police Department. Call their main number at 770-748-4123 for more information about signups through Quiroz, or visit their Facebook page.

Additionally, Police Explorers 2094 is collecting donations for their annual Kiss a Pig fundraiser.

Here’s some additional information on that:

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