De’Eric Lee-Raesan King

A Cedartown man was jailed and later released on traffic and drug charges after he was stopped by Cedartown Police late Monday night for a broken tag light.

Police were patrolling Highway 27 around 11 p.m. on March 15 when they saw a truck being driven by De’Eric Lee-Raesan King, 29, of 43 Tency Lane NE, Cedartown, and pulled it over. Reports stated that when he stopped and police asked for his license, he told officers his windows didn’t work. He opened the truck door and the smell of marijuana came out with King, per the report, and prompted officers to ask what he had on him at the time.

He turned over a joint, and when he was taken to the patrol car he also carried with him a drawstring bag, and a pack of Newport cigarettes. After being searched for weapons, King asked if he could have a cigarette and before he could grab the pack away, the officer who pulled him over inspected the pack and found three pills within.

King was then placed under arrested, and police searched the drawstring bag he had carried with him to the hood of the police cruiser. When they looked inside, they found a glass mason jar of marijuana containing two separate bags, a blue and orange pipe, and a grinder with more marijuana inside ground and ready to be smoked.

The pills were identified by officers as ecstasy, per the report.

King was booked and released on a $5,100 bond on a lone felony charge of possession of a schedule I controlled substance, and misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana less than an ounce, possession and use of drug related objects, and a tag light requirement.

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