A while back, a wall went up at City Hall in Aragon. A sliding window and door went in the way of the area around what has traditionally been the space utilized by the Aragon Police Department, and provided a locked space to keep the public out of secure areas.

When the wall went up, it meant the small library space put together thanks to the Tanners was officially closed to the public. Computers meant to be accessible to the public were disconnected. Books were put in storage.

Mayor Judd Fee has plans to change all of that back to the way it was.

“This small little wall in the middle of the hallway is coming down,” he said. “It’s being removed.”

This space will soon be returned back to use as the Library at City Hall.

Fee announced at the end of the Aragon City Council’s recent Work Session that there are plans in the works to bring down the wall and reopen the library, and make the current office for the Police Chief accessible as a computer area.

The Library will take up a space that had been previously used as an employee meeting room in the Police Department attached to the Chief’s Office as well, Fee said.

“Citizens will be able to go in there and read books and go onto the computer if they need to,” he said.

Council Member Donnie Canada added (in his words — for legal reasons) that the books and computers that previously made up the Library at City Hall have never left, but were kept in storage over the past several years. They’ll be dusted off and back soon.

Fee did not provide a definitive timetable, but look for an additional update on when the Library area is available for public use in the coming weeks.

Monthly+ subscribers can watch the full Council Work Session here on Polktoday.com from last Thursday. Find this particular announcement at the 20 minute mark during the session.

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