This was the view for Aragon's Daniel Johnson on Wednesday, March 24, when he returned back to work after he spent time on medical leave. (Contributed)
Aragon city council member Daniel Johnson and his son in 2019. (Contributed from Facebook)

Aragon City Council Member Daniel Johnson had a close brush with near-tragedy in early February when he got into a motorcycle wreck in Cedartown and sustained several injuries.

Now he’s back to work and thankful for all the support he’s had over more than seven weeks out of work healing broken bones.

Johnson, a dump truck driver for Taylor Transportation, received a clear bill of health to get back into the left seat at midweek and is back with his work family after his extended time at home.

“I’ve gotten a clean bill of health from all of my doctor’s,” Johnson said on Wednesday.

This came after he suffered a facial fracture, a broken collar bone, five broken ribs, deep tissue damage to one eye and immediately after the wreck was suffering from a brain bleed after he braked his motorcycle hard to avoid hitting another vehicle in front of Zorba’s in Cedartown on February 2.

Fortunately, his condition quickly improved and he has since spent much of his time healing from home since being discharged on February 4.

Not only is Johnson thankful to be back to work, but also for everyone who supported him and his family during the past weeks while he recuperated. Johnson said donations to him and his children were “well appreciated, and they have no idea how much everyone helped me to make it through such a trying time.”

“I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support,” Johnson said. “The community restored my faith. We really have a caring and compassionate community.”

A fundraiser was organized through Facebook to help raise money for Johnson while he was out of work. He said that his “work family at Taylor Transportation” also stepped up to help him as needed during the past weeks of his time off.

Johnson has additional reason to smile in recent days, after he was voted during the Aragon City Council’s March session to serve as the new Mayor Pro Tem. It was also the first time the council had gathered since shutdowns were re-implemented at the beginning of the year due to holiday surges in COVID-19 cases.

The former City of Aragon Public Works Superintendent now hauls anything out of a rock quarry that need to go, from dirt and gravel to bigger chunks for Taylor Transportation. He also has previous time spent in public safety as well during his career.

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