Skaters, trick riders and those who want to give some tricks a try on (appropriate) wheels recently got a place to enjoy in Cedartown, and now officials have celebrated its opening.

The Goodyear Skate Park might already have hosted plenty of people who enjoy skating on half pipes or riders who want to grind on a rail, but Cedartown Commissioners and City administrators gathered on Monday afternoon to officially welcome the new feature to the city limits.

The Skate Park – built in part with funding from a T-Mobile Hometown Grant – opened to the public some weeks ago after it construction was finally completed almost two years after it was announced.

Local residents who want to use the Goodyear Skate Park within the Goodyear Soccer Complex footprint can do so from dawn to dusk, and must follow posted rules in order to keep the facility in a condition for all to enjoy and use.

Those include no profanity, using the equipment with courtesy, no one under 12 is allowed to be at the park without adult supervision, and no spectators are allowed to be in the skating area unless providing supervision or first aid.

The city does ask all who utilize the park to please enjoy it safely, and use proper safety equipment like helmets and pads.

ABSOLUTELY no motorized equipment, bicycle pegs or protrusions on bikes or skateboards are allowed.

Note that park rules are posted on each side of the skate area, and will be enforced.

The Skate Park is one of the latest additions and updates to the overall city parks over the past months.

A new volunteer-built playground at Peek Park was unveiled late in April, and the city plans to officially open the next phase of the Goodyear Soccer Complex fields in June with Opening Day of the Recreation Soccer Season.

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