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Keep Trying

The good thing about being your own boss is the flexibility of scheduling. Many days, I am normally a productive, helpful and sometimes less absent-minded version of myself. The constant flow of information coming my way and also prioritizing its importance isn’t usually an issue. I look at the growing pile before me and usually say “bring it on.” 

January seems to have taken away some of my zeal for the daily postings I and last week I just slapped into the mental brick wall. BAM! Knockout. 

I kept up with a minor amount of work, then pulled up my bootstraps and got back to scribbling the news at a regular pace again and finally got some progress completed on Polksportswire.com. Some stretches are good, some are bad. Even poor editors need a break from time to time. Yet the mantra I live by at the moment? Keep Going.

Find that your resolutions for the start of 2021 fell flat? Maybe life keeps throwing you strikes?

Don’t lose confidence in yourself. Not every time you go up to bat is going to provide a grand slam. We all fail, we all learn, we move onward.

So yes, in this hard stretch before spring sticks around in earnest (I’m not fooled, February…) keep your head held high. The winter of this latest discontent in the 21st year of the 21st Century will soon be at an end, and with it comes new beginnings.

Back to the news,

Kevin the Editor

Today’s Forecast

This wonderful streak of sunshine continues today with the NWS calling for a high of 69 on the day (wasn’t Wednesday just perfectly splendid?) But I’m not fooled. Winter is far from over, surely. 57 is the high on Friday with rain likely, and warmer weather returns on Saturday and Sunday with highs up into the 70s. 

Overnight temps tonight? 44. Rain is expected to start after 4 a.m. 

Will it ever stop raining? At least not until Tuesday. 

Something to Watch this Morning

Not all bad news, after all: the Johnson and Johnson vaccine could be approved this week. 

Something to Read this Morning

Here’s some articles I think you should care about from around the region and country. Or maybe something to make you laugh. Take it for what it’s worth either way. 

I get that the GOP doesn’t like losing anything, and wants to keep its iron grip on power. But trying to block the COVID relief package? That’s just bad politics. 

Storefront windows were shot out with BB guns in downtown Cedartown more than half a decade ago, but now it is a problem now with Marbles in Chattanooga. Speaking of, what ever happened to shooting marbles on the ground as a game?

Everyone probably saw what happened to Tiger Woods earlier this week. I hope for his recovery, but it reads like it is going to be a long one. 

Van Gogh is coming to the ATL. COOL!

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