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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday. I won’t say how old (because I enjoy being alive) but I will say that she doesn’t look her age at all. Not one bit. 

I owe a lot of who I am today to my mother. From her role in instilling in me a love for reading at a young age, to being a sounding board for some of my good or dumb ideas at times, my mom has been there for me during all the times when life has provided me ups and downs. 

No gift I could ever buy would make up for that. 

So instead, I give one of the best gifts I can provide: recognition and thanks. 

I recognize that without my mother, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I appreciate everything that she has done for me throughout my 35 years here on planet earth. No amount of thanks, no monetary value on a gift, can ever equal all that she has done for me. 

Thank you, Mom!

For what it’s worth, I know that she’ll have a fun birthday going out with friends and spending the evening with my step-father Danny. 

Have a happy and wonderful birthday, Mom! I love you! 

Back to writing,

Kevin the Editor

Today’s forecast

Just when we thought the sunshine returned, the rain comes back and washes away our hopes for early spring weather. 

Expect rain to continue all day and into the evening hours, with the temperature only getting up to 58 on the day, and down to 54 overnight. 

Chances of showers remain in the forecast overnight and into the weekend. Some good news? Temps are up to 72 on Saturday, and 76 on Sunday. I suspect we won’t see sunshine, but I’ll take some “warmer” weather with the wet. 

Something to Watch this Morning

I found this on Youtube yesterday, and have been watching videos here and there since. Bunny the Talking Dog (doesn’t actually speak) is an interesting thing to see, and proves dogs are a lot smarter than we think. Check it out! 

Something to Read this Morning

The House of Representatives are pushing ahead with a vote on the latest stimulus package, but I don’t suspect the $15 an hour minimum wage will be included. 

According to the AJC, apparently college professors aren’t included in the next round of vaccination. Teachers are, but not professors. Huh?

Partisan politics continues, even when it comes to sexual harassment scandals. (Per Fox News)

Back with more stories to read tomorrow! -KtE

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