A song about hope and peace was matched with hometown scenery and released today as a new music video from a Cedartown native now living in the metro Atlanta area.

Franklin Washington, who still comes home routinely to see family, released his “Say A Lil’ Prayer” music video today, utilizing downtown Cedartown scenery as backdrops for his first rap video.

Washington, a Class of 1991 graduate from Cedartown High School, said the song is about hope and peace between all races and genders, but also about putting faith in a higher power as well.

He said that it was inspired as well by Civil Rights, but with the understanding that all should come together and not immediately judge based on the color of their skin.

“I hope the song will help people, it’ll bring about peace and opportunity that us as people in all races can reach equality and fairness,” he said.

Coming home to film the video was something he said he had to do.

“I just wanted to come back home and film the video here, because Cedartown is a special place for me. I grew up here,” Washington said.

For those who are unable to see the video, check it out here.

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