Public Works estimates at least $1,000 in repair, replacement costs

Polk County officials are hoping someone out there might have clues that will lead to them finding out which tractor trailer pulled into the new trailhead on Cave Spring Road this week.

County Commissioner Scotty Tillery posted about the damage on his Facebook page on Wednesday evening asking for the public’s help to track down the driver so they might face the consequences of not reporting the damage when it happened.

The Public Works Director Dion Senn reported this morning that he estimated the damage done was at least $1,000 to the new Potts Hollow Trailhead on Cave Spring Road sometime between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 5.

At least $1,000 worth of damage was caused by a tractor trailer on Wednesday morning at the Potts Hollow Trailhead. (Contributed photo)

Damage includes a Japanese maple at $500 that is being ruled as a total loss, ruts put into the grass island and a drain pipe that was bent up and will have to be repaired. Senn valued the grass loss at $200 along with fixing the ruts, and the work to dig up and repair the drain pipe.

Officials are hoping the public will have more info about the tractor trailer that came into the Potts Hollow Trailhead for the Pinhoti Trail.

It is reported to be red road tractor with a white trailer. A company logo was on the trailer, but the County didn’t have any info about which company it might be.

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