New PCR positives were up slightly over the past three days, only by single digits on Thursday and Friday with a double-digit jump today, per the Department of Public Health’s afternoon updates.

Eight cases were reported on Thursday, another seven on Friday and 11 today as the total positives went to 3,727 for PCR cases locally.

Antigen positives only rose slightly over the past three days as well, up by 14 over the past three days with no increase reported on Friday at all. The total number of antibody-based cases stood at 1,496.

All told, Polk County has 5,223 positives from both types of cases combined.

Fortunately, the past three days have seen no new increase in deaths reported from COVID-19. The overall death toll remains at 71, with 27 of those reported since the beginning of 2021. The number of probable deaths remained at eight.

Hospitalizations continued to increase as well, up by four over the past three days to 347 admissions for COVID-19 in total. Since the beginning of the month, some 45 people have needed medical care from an area hospital for the virus.

The two-week average was down to 8.1%, and the overall average fell below 16% for the first time since January 15. The high point for the overall average was 16.2%, last reported on February 3. The two-week average dipped to 7.6% on Saturday. The overall average for the past three days was 15.9%.

In terms of PCR testing, Polk County’s figure sits around 23,440 administered and submitted for lab testing from local residents. Antigen testing can’t be calculated without a percentage of positive locally, which isn’t available in DPH data.

The DPH’s new tracking on vaccine administration reported that in Polk County, there had been 5,440 vaccinations administered as of Thursday afternoon, February 25 in Polk County. Of that, 1,983 people had received the second dose locally. The figure went up to 5,873 as of Saturday afternoon, with more than 2,300 people now receiving a second dose of the vaccine.

Statewide, the total number of positives now stood at 816,973 in total, along with 187,214 antigen positives. Georgia’s PCR positives have gone up over the past three days by 2,200+ cases daily, 2,208 of those reported in the Saturday afternoon update.

The statewide positive PCR rate now stood at 11% in total, finally decreasing after an 8-day run at 11.1%.

The number of statewide hospitalizations now stood at 55,963, increasing over the past three days by 210 on Thursday, 174 on Friday and 185 today.

Another 60 people were added to the state’s report for those who have died due to COVID-19 or related cases. The total number of deaths in Georgia stands at 15,067 in total.

Probable deaths were at 2,227 in total, up by 15 as of this afternoon’s report from the DPH.

Nationally, 28,285,544 positives have been reported and confirmed since tracking began in January 2020. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also updated their figures for the death toll across the United States at 508,949.

72.8 million people have now been vaccinated per the agency with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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