The Aragon City Council is hoping a new beginning for a local church will also provide inspiration for a flock to come as well from all corners of Polk County and breathe new life into a house of worship.

Pastor James Cordell of 101 Church, came before the Aragon City Council to make a neighborly request and talk about plans for their new home at the intersection of New Prospect Road and Highway 101 after a merger with a local Methodist church.

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The church turned 12 in October and have been meeting on the second floor of Truist Bank in Rockmart for the past five years. Cars pack into the parking lot every Sunday morning for services, and the church already has programs in place for youth and teens.

In the past months, Cordell said a member of Aragon First United Methodist reached out about the sanctuary and since numbers dropped below a sustainable congregation of their own, the building needed a new occupant. It made the perfect sense for Aragon First United Methodist and 101 Church to merge.

The church finally can call its home where Cordell believes it was meant to be.

“Some things you don’t have to pray about,” he said. “Our church is 101 Church, the number one hundred and one. This church is located at 101 Highway and 101 New Prospect Road. Some things are just meant to be.”

The merger began at the start of 2024, and Cordell said the newly combined congregation are in the process of undertaking some remodeling.

He thanked the city for their generosity on waiving permit fees for the church to conduct the work needed before their first Sunday in their new home, coming up at March’s end.

The first public services are set for Easter Sunday.

“We’re just overwhelmed, God is good to us,” he said. “We just want you to know that we are a resource for you, and we want to be your first call.”

He did have one request of the city – permission on Sunday mornings and Wednesdays to be able to utilize parking at Pittman Park next door to accommodate their traffic. No issues were raised over that request.

101 Church on Wednesdays will be bringing in at least 100 students to participate in services and enjoy dinner on the Lord’s house.

“We have grand plans to utilize (the facilities) as often as we can,” he said. “We’re overwhelmed with the opportunity we have to expand our ministry and share the Love of Jesus.”

Cordell said the campus will also be made available to organizations like scout troops and for use as the city’s voting precinct as it has in the past.

“We want to be welcoming and open our doors as often as we can,” Cordell said.

Early plans for the church in Aragon include an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, March 30 for the whole community.

Cordell also shared plans for expansion of the church campus, with the hopes in the near future to begin an addition to the sanctuary to provide a middle and high school wing between the fellowship hall and parsonage. They also have plans to repave the parking lot and potentially expand parking as well, based on resources available.

The parking lot project could begin as soon as this summer.

Council member Donnie Canada did ask if there were plans to bring a school to the campus, but for the moment Cordell said that wasn’t part of the goals for 101 Church. They currently partner with Foundation Christian School in Rockmart if members want to send their children to a private religious-focused classroom.

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