The Polk County Board of Education is hoping that their new meeting time will help increase engagement.

The board voted last week on Tuesday, June 4 to shift their meeting time to 4 p.m. for all community input and work sessions, and regular sessions.

The shift goes into immediate effect.

Superintendent Dr. Katie Thomas said the hopes were by moving the time upward, it’ll bring in more people in the community to sessions.

She said that the board has in its bylaws the ability to meet earlier, and so proposed the time change to align more closely with school release times.

“We are hoping it will allow for more participation since it won’t conflict with sporting events and other after school activities,” Thomas said.

Tuesday’s meeting on June 11 will be the first to hold a 4 p.m. session.

The next session after is for a combined July 9 work and regular session.

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