An Aragon man who last year gave out more than 500 Easter baskets just as the world was shutting down for the pandemic hopes that spring will bring a bigger crowd this year and help him send youth home with more than 1,000 baskets this year to celebrate Easter.

Frankie Morris said his mom is the inspiration this year for him collecting 1,044 Easter Baskets to give away to anyone who wants to come and get them, with a visit expected from the Easter Bunny to help him out at the Aragon Historical Society on March 27, 2021 starting at 9 a.m. They are being given free of charge to those wanting to participate while supplies last.

Morris has already made more than 900, filling the rooms and displays around the Aragon Historical Society building all around. The converted home still has a shower within the bathroom, and that is full of Easter baskets as well. He’s got dozens left to still make, and is running out of room to put them.

He plans to keep the give away going until all the baskets are given out to youth from around the area who are hoping to get a few goodies from the Easter Bunny in 2021.

Morris was inspired during the holiday season in 2019 when he gave away food items to local youth around the Aragon community in $60 bags for holiday meals, and last year decided before COVID-19 shutdowns that he wanted to do something with donations given to him again for Easter.

Despite the pandemic just beginning, Morris was able to give away more than 500 Easter baskets to youth full of items given by people who want to give back. Included in each basket this year is candy, a toy and a copy of the Holy Bible.

Last year, his mom Beth Nesbitt was at his side ensuring that volunteers knew what age each child was they were giving a basket to, but this year she won’t be there.

Nesbitt died in September 2020 at the age of 73. He said that he’ll have family to help him this year take up the same job, but it won’t be the same.

This year, social distancing will be enforced at the Aragon Historical Society where the baskets will be given out and kids will get a chance to see the Easter Bunny, with six feet required between each group. Families will line up and enter via the handicapped ramp to the front porch, and baskets will be handed out to youth.

Families are asked to not linger in the parking lot and make room for those who wish to get a basket who are waiting in line, or wanting to come into parking lot at Tom Pittman Field.

Check back for more information leading up to the March 27 event.

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  1. We just missed the Easter Bunny today . I was wondering if by chance you’d be doing it again Sunday ?

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