Joshua Paul Bourg

A Cedartown man remained in jail following a Monday incident that saw several batteries stolen from LiveWire in Cedartown recovered, according to Polk County Police reports.

Joshua Paul Bourg, 36, of 697 Berry Road, Cedartown, remained in the Polk County Jail on felony and misdemeanor charges after Polk County Police thought they spotted another man they were seeking on warrants, but ended up with Bourg instead.

When police approached the car in the parking lot of Grand’s on South Main Street in Cedartown around 11 p.m. on Monday, June 7, Bourg spotted them and tried to flee the scene on foot. Police ultimately cornered him after a short chase, and when he refused to stop and comply with orders the reporting officer for Polk County Police deployed his taser.

The first time it didn’t make contact, but as he continued to try and avoid police a second shot with the taser was taken and this time it stopped Bourg in his tracks.

Police had Redmond EMS called to the scene to ensure Bourg wasn’t hurt, and he was ultimately transported to the Polk County Jail.

Still at the scene with the car Bourg was in, police began to speak with the owner who consented to a search of the car. Inside police found six Everlast batteries they believe were the majority of what remained that was stolen from LiveWire. Police contacted the store owner and sent him photos of the batteries, which he said looked the same as those taken from the store in a previous incident.

Police questioned the driver about the batteries, and she told police that she had left an address on Brooks Street not long before the Monday incident and Bourg approached her with all six batteries and a laptop, asking for a ride. She took him as far as Grand’s.

While being booked at the Polk County Jail, Bourg was also found with a digital scale in his possession that police believed had methamphetamine residue on it.

Bourg remained in jail with no bond set on charges of probation violation, possession of methamphetamine, possession of tools for commission of a crime and obstructing law enforcement officers.

In May, Bourg was previously arrested during a stop with police after he was riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the roadway and was found with methamphetamine at the time. He was later released on a $4,100 bond for those charges.

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