A couple out of jail on a good behavior bond after previous issues with their neighbors are back in custody after trying to report them for enjoying the evening outside by a fire pit, according to Polk County Police reports.

Donna and Johnny Haygood, both of 121 Whitman Loop in Aragon, were jailed just after midnight on Sunday, May 2, after police were called out by Haygood over a complaint of people burning on her property and that she wanted them off. She had called 911 about the issue twice, but had refused to mee with officers about the potential trespassers.

Instead, she gave 911 the wrong address but finally admitted her location. When officers arrived and questioned neighbors they found using a fire pit, they also found out it was not on the Haygood property and both husband and wife had a “good behavior bond” (a bond allowing people out of jail if they assure the court they will not cause any additional trouble.)

“Seeing how Donna gave us wrong information and tried to use Polk County PD as a means to harass the neighbor, which violates the behavior bond, I informed Donna that she needed to meet with me,” the reporting officer stated.

He met with the couple at the bottom of their driveway, and police took Donna Haygood into custody for violation of the bond.

While being taken into custody, police reported overhearing Johnny Haygood admit he had encouraged his wife to call police, and he too was taken into custody without further incident.

Both sought to be checked out by medical personnel before being booked into the Polk County Jail and were medically cleared at Floyd Polk Medical Center.

Donna Haygood, 61, remained in jail with no bond set on felony charges of aggravated stalking and use of a communication facility in committing or facilitating a felony act, and a misdemeanor charge of false report of a crime.

Johnny Haygood, also 61, was being held on felony charges of conspiracy to commit a felony and aggravated stalking. He also had no bond set as of this morning.

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