This is the first batch of letters that have come into post for Santa (and everyone else for that matter) to enjoy! Want to submit a letter? Be sure to click here to learn more.

Ah yes, it is that time of year again when Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick is making his lists and checking them twice for what the youth of Polk County want for Christmas this year.

Check out the first few Santa letters that have come into the site over the past couple of weeks. Don’t delay in getting your note into the big man at the north pole! Letters are being taken until December 23, with the last one going up on Dec. 24. (Have a batch for a class? Email them to for posting. 🙂 )

Let’s jump right into the first batch of letters…

Dear Santa…

Hey Santa,

merry Christmas my name is Callie I have been a good girl this year!! Can you please bring me a new phone, make-up, my life doll stuff and lol surprise doll.

Thank you Santa,

Love, Callie Curby

Dear Santa,

My name is Jace Curby.  Please bring me a .410 shotgun to hunt with, legos and some clothes and shoes.

I know it’s a lot but I have been really good most of the time this year just don’t ask my MawMaw haha so if you can I also want my own iPhone cause I’m tired of having to use my moms and she is too.

Bring my sister Macey Forsyth an IPhone 13 a ring light and clothes. She also wants a new pair of Vans and a mini fridge stocked with coca cola. She is mean sometimes but I think she deserves it. Please also bring my whole family special gifts as they all deserve it!!  

I love my family and I love you Santa!! Can’t wait till you come, Twinkles is waiting to catch her ride back to the North Pole.

P.S. Watch out for my new pup Rosco, don’t scare him. You can leave him and Lucky a treat.

Jace Curby and Macey Forsyth

Dear Santa,

I am writing for my 4 year old daughter. Her name is Nevaeh Roberts.

This year she has requested toys for her doll house, paw patrol toys, pj mask toys, blippi toys, size 5t clothes and size 10 shoes.

Thank you,

The Roberts

This batch was submitted on behalf of youth in Mrs. Williams Kindergarten class at Van Wert Elementary School

Dear Santa,

I love you! I am a good boy. Thank you for bringing me a toy car for Christmas this year.

Love, Nathan

Dear Santa,

I been good this year, and I been kind. I been playing good. I share with my friends.

I love you Santa! I want to hug you before you leave. I took pictures with you, and I think it is on Facebook six hours later.

Please, I want hot wheel cars, spider-man, dump truck, it starts with a “D” – dump truck, I’m smart and I know that; that’s it!

I know you check your list twice, and I been good!

Bye Santa,


Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas, cookies and milk for Santa! I want a baby doll. I will say thank you.



Dear Santa,

I want a playground, a trampoline, a sand pit, and a new dolly. I want a new LOL toy because I lost some of my other ones. I been a good girl and I love my family!


Haven, because you know it’s me!

Dear Santa,

Santa you are my favorite!

I been a good girl today. I wrote my list and this is stuff I want from my list: I want a barbie dream house, baby alive, some dollies, a car for my dolls, and a new bike. Santa I want a new iPad with a pen. I am going to cook you some cookies and milk.

Thank you and I will see you on Christmas,


Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy. I like to play with toys. I want a big motorcycle with a remote control.

Thank you Santa,


Dear Santa,

I want a big monster truck machine. Me and sissy want to travel in it with my mommy and daddy all around the world. I been good. I will make you some milk and cookies.

Thank you Santa,



Dear Santa,

I been very good this year. I love you Santa! I want a kid’s car that actually drives, like a pink jeep. I going to make cookies and milk for you. Well, my mama is going to cook the cookies, but I already know how to pour the milk, so we are going to do it together.

Thank you Santa!



Check back for the next batch of letters online later in the day, or click the link to find some from last year as well!

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