Here’s the first batch of Santa letters that have come into Polk.Today ahead of St. Nick’s overnight ride delivering toys to the good boys and girls of the world who believe in the magic of Christmas, but weren’t gathered in a big group like the classroom letters that have been submitted and posted so far.

Thanks again for all those who have participated, and remember there’s still plenty of time to get a letter to St. Nick! Click here to submit a letter now.

(Note: have a letter but don’t want to type it out? You can also send it as a photo to

The first that came in was from Brittany Willis:

Dear Santa,

I would like for my kids to get what they want for Christmas.

-Brittany Willis

A few more came in on December 3:

Dear Santa,

Happy Christmas! I am 5 years old. I want a piano for Christmas like “Bubba” has. I also want Elsa and Ana dolls. I’m not being rude. I don’t want that rock that’s black.

I love you, Santa!


Londyn Rogers

Dear Santa,

My name is Brentley and I am 8 years old. All I want for Christmas is dragon toys, Legos, and ninja toys.


Brentley Rogers

Here’s some more that have trickled in over the weekend:

Dear Santa,

I want barbies stuff and a smart watch and clothes art set lol suprises make up nail stuff! That’s all see you soon.


Ashlyn White

Hi Santa,

I would like purses body products and lip gloss and clothes and shoes and a real phone thank you

from Lya

When another batch becomes available, I’ll include them separately from classroom submissions here on Polk.Today for Santa to read. Thanks again for the submissions! (Reminder: have a letter but don’t want to type it out? You can also send it as a photo to

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