Subscription prices decrease, trivia game starts on Sunday

Prices are lower, reading time has increased for a few options, and the number of items available to enjoy each day behind the paywall grows ever larger on

The Summer Reading Sale begins today and continues through August 31 with the hope that by the end of the three months, we’ll be bringing a better experience for subscribers to the site. Or maybe you’ll be stuck with ads when logged in still. (See below for more.)

Prices for Polk Today subscriptions are coming down (with the exception of the monthly charge, which unfortunately can’t be changed due to software issues at the moment.)

Starting today (June 1) the Summer Reading Sale prices are now the following:

  • $1.79 for a three day pass (one additional day of reading)
  • $2.49 for a 10-day (three additional days of reading)
  • $3.49 for 17 days (three additional days of reading)
  • $9.99 for three months
  • $19.99 for six months
  • $48.99 for a year


Along with decreased prices throughout the summer months, the Summer Reading Sale will also have the opportunity for taking part in a weekly subscriber-only trivia game! I’ll be posting questions on on Sunday mornings starting on June 4 and continuing until August 27. Questions will be based on articles published here on, and prizes will include additional time on, starting with the updated 17-day pass for the site.

My goal during the summer is to reach 1,000 subscribers in four different categories with this sale, and to provide incentive for those who have been considering whether or not to subscribe you’ve an additional reasons for joining up.

During this summer-long push for new subscribers, we’re offering the following:

  • For the 1,000th monthly subscriber, we’ll upgrade you to an annual subscription at no additional charge beyond your first month, and give you three one-month subscriptions to give out to friends or family.
  • The 1,000th quarterly subscriber will get an upgrade to an annual subscription at no additional cost, plus three quarterly subscriptions to give out to your three favorite people.
  • The 1,000th semi-annual subscriber will get an upgrade to an annual subscription at no additional cost, plus three six month subscriptions to give out to friends or family.
  • The 1,000th annual subscriber will get their time extended to a second year free of charge, and earn three more subscriptions for family and friends.

So our existing customers don’t feel left out in the cold, I’ll be drawing randomly for prizes for the above categories of users as well when we announce the 1,000th subscriber in each category, should those figures be reached by August 31.

Here’s an additional carrot I’ll throw in the mix: I do have the ability to turn off Google Ads for subscribers (after some investigation I finally found a toggle switch in the software,) however at the moment there is no financial incentive to do so at this time.

IF we make it to 1,000 ACTIVE subscribers in each of the four categories above (the three additional family/friends users for the winners don’t count) before August 31, I will turn off Google advertising for logged-in active subscribers when reading news or watching video and browsing photo galleries on the site.

The stick is this: If we don’t get to those numbers by the August 31 deadline, the opportunity to get Google Ads off for subscribers won’t come around again until we reach 2,000 active subscribers in each of the four above categories on

So it behooves Polk Today subscribers to get others to join, simply to get better access to the site not just for yourself but everyone else.

Additionally if we get to 1,000 subscribers in each category, a Grand Prize for the end of the Summer Reading Sale will be handed out to one randomly drawn active subscriber from the four categories on the weekend following the end of the sale on August 31. Current active subscribers in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual levels will be included for the drawing of the grand prize.

If subscriber numbers hit 1,000 subscribers one of the four categories (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual) prior to August 31, we’ll announce the grand prize prior to the drawing. Polk Today’s subscriber numbers have to get to those figures by August 31 for the grand prize drawing to happen.


Some of you may be wondering: what is Kevin going to do with the money that we spend on subscriptions?

Simply put, I plan to invest it back into the site, with increased server space and performance for, upgrade the subscription software, look into native apps for the site for Android and iOS, increasing functionality for subscribers (classifieds, forums, a regularly-updated business directory, special sections for other topics, other ideas to be announced,) along with funding trips to various games for sports coverage throughout the school year from August through May 2024.

Subscriptions also help cover cost of living expenses that every person has in their life. I’m no exception to that fact.

Check back for additional updates throughout the summer about the sale, and make sure to participate in the trivia contests starting this Sunday! More info will be available starting on Sunday morning about rules and how to participate.

-Kevin the Editor

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